Experiencing Durability and Value with VelectriX E-Bikes at EcoTekk Sunshine Coast

Experiencing Durability and Value with VelectriX E-Bikes at EcoTekk Sunshine Coast

As the proprietor of EcoTekk Sunshine Coast, I've had the privilege of utilizing VelectriX E-Bikes exclusively for our electric bike hire and tour services for the past four and a half years.

Our sister company, Ecotekk Noosa, trialled seven different E-Bike brands during their initial operations, choosing VelectriX after identifying it as the most robust, reliable, and service-friendly brand. The fact that VelectriX is based on the Sunshine Coast has provided numerous benefits to our business.

The accessibility of parts for servicing our extensive E-Bike fleet, coupled with the opportunity to directly communicate with VelectriX engineers and the service department on any issues, has been invaluable. The ongoing support that VelectriX extends to us has been nothing short of exceptional.

When it comes to value for money, VelectriX stands out among many high-priced E-Bike brands on the market. Over time, we have found VelectriX E-Bikes to consistently provide excellent service, and their affordability ensures our business and retail customers alike can access high-quality E-Bikes without straining their budgets.

In our fleet, we have bikes that have clocked over 9000 km of mileage. Despite heavy use, these bikes, with regular servicing, have stood the test of time and proved their durability.

As we expand our sales operations, we are confident in promoting and supplying VelectriX E-Bikes. We know that superior service and support are always available to us and our customers. This brand provides a robust and reliable choice for retail customers looking for trouble-free, long-lasting cycling experiences.

We at EcoTekk look forward to continuing our operations with VelectriX E-Bikes, a brand that truly matches the excellence we aim to provide our customers.
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