About us

Stuart and Tracey, are a husband and wife team who won an afternoon ride on electric bikes around Noosa. Having not ridden bicycles for over 20 years, we were both very apprehensive about getting on the saddle once again. After a short discussion one Saturday afternoon, we decided to drive to Noosa and take up the offer of riding e-bikes. What did we have to lose if we didn’t like it? We could always stop and have a coffee along the river and enjoy the natural environment of the Noosa biosphere. 

We soon found out that we were going to miss our coffee because we were having too much fun exploring the river Noosa River Delta on our electric bikes. You can see the video we took of this first Adventure on our @ecoTekkSC YouTube channel.  After our afternoon exploring, we discussed what we would like to do in our semi-retirement years on the drive home.  We both felt that we should stay true to ourselves and do something positive for the environment and future generations. This had been our career path and our calling since meeting at university some 35 years before. We discussed the idea of bringing the e-bike experience to the greater Sunshine Coast region for tourists and locals alike to enjoy. This is what we have done.