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Cargo C2 Seat Bundle: Ultimate eBike Accessory Kit for MOOV8 CARGO C2

Cargo C2 Seat Bundle: Ultimate eBike Accessory Kit for MOOV8 CARGO C2

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Transform your MOOV8 CARGO C2 - GREEN electric bike into the ultimate family-friendly transporter with the exclusive Cargo C2 Seat Bundle, available only at @ecoTekkSC. This comprehensive accessories bundle is meticulously designed to enhance your MOOV8 CARGO C2, allowing you to customize your ride for maximum functionality and safety.

What's Included in the Bundle:

  • Monkey Bars: Ensure the safety and security of your passengers with sturdy monkey bars, designed for easy grip and stability.
  • Padded Seats: Comfort meets safety with two ergonomically designed padded seats, complete with one additional back support for the ultimate in passenger comfort.
  • Wheel Guards: Protect your little ones from the spinning wheels with our durable wheel guards, a must-have for safe transportation.
  • Wooden Footrests: Provide a secure place for your passengers to rest their feet with our stylish and sturdy wooden footrests.

Key Features:

  • Legal Passenger Transport: With this approved seat bundle, you can legally and safely carry up to two small children, making trips to school, shops, or the beach a breeze.
  • Easy Installation: Designed to integrate seamlessly with the large rear carrier of your MOOV8 CARGO C2, this bundle allows for a wide range of accessories to be installed quickly and securely.
  • Enhanced Safety: From the monkey bars to the wheel guards, every component of this bundle is engineered to provide the highest level of safety for your passengers.
  • Comfort for Your Passengers: The padded seats and wooden footrests ensure a comfortable ride for your little ones, no matter the destination.

Before and after the Cargo C2 Seat Bundle, your MOOV8 CARGO C2 will not just be an electric bike; it will be a versatile, safe, and comfortable family transporter. Embrace the convenience and joy of family adventures with the Cargo C2 Seat Bundle, exclusively at @ecoTekkSC. Upgrade your ride today and experience the difference in every journey!

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