CST Rock Hawk C1844 - Rugged Mountain Bike Tyre for All Terrains

CST Rock Hawk C1844 - Rugged Mountain Bike Tyre for All Terrains

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Tackle any trail with the CST Rock Hawk, a mountain bike tyre designed to conquer varied and challenging terrains. Whether you're navigating technical downhills, tough climbs, or muddy paths, the Rock Hawk stands as your reliable partner on every adventure.

Aggressive Tread for Superior Traction: The Rock Hawk features a distinctive aggressive tread pattern with large, well-spaced lugs. This design ensures excellent traction in a variety of conditions, from hard-packed trails to loose and wet surfaces.

Mud-Shedding Capabilities: The cleverly spaced lugs allow the tyre to effortlessly shed mud and debris, keeping your ride smooth and uninterrupted. This feature is particularly useful in maintaining grip and stability on trails that become tricky after rain.

Reduced Rolling Resistance: With ramped centre knobs, the Rock Hawk reduces rolling resistance, allowing for smoother and faster rides on straightaways. This thoughtful design element enhances the overall efficiency, making each pedal stroke count.  Max PSI 65

Versatile Bead Options: Understanding the diverse needs of mountain bikers, the Rock Hawk is available in both wire bead and folding bead options. Each version is equipped with EPS (Elastic Protection System) puncture protection, offering resilience against thorns, sharp rocks, and other trail hazards.

Ideal for Various Trail Conditions: Whether you’re riding on hard-packed dirt, loose gravel, or slippery mud, the Rock Hawk is adept at handling it all. Its versatile design makes it suitable for loose over hard, medium, and wet conditions, ensuring reliable performance no matter what the trail throws at you.

Your Companion in Bad Conditions: Bad weather and challenging trails won't deter your ride when you're equipped with the Rock Hawk. Its robust build and thoughtful design mean you can confidently face loose footing, mud, and rain, ensuring that nothing stops you from enjoying your ride.

Equip your mountain bike with the CST Rock Hawk C1844 and experience unmatched reliability and performance on every trail. It's not just a tyre; it's your ticket to exploring the outdoors with confidence and enthusiasm.

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