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Discover the perfect blend of safety and style with the CST Classic Otis XL Hybrid C1777 Tyre, a top-selling and trusted choice for e-bike enthusiasts. This tyre is not just a component; it's a statement of quality and reliability for your e-bike.

Enhanced Safety Layers: Engineered for the utmost protection, the Classic Otis XL features a formidable 3mm Kevlar layer, offering resistance against punctures and cuts. This is further reinforced with a 5mm LDP (Layered Defense Protection) layer, providing an additional shield against rough terrains and sharp objects. These layers work together to ensure a worry-free ride, even on challenging roads.

Reflective Strip for Visibility: Prioritizing your safety, especially during low-light conditions, this tyre is equipped with a reflective strip along its sidewall. This feature significantly increases your visibility to other road users, ensuring safer rides during early mornings, late evenings, or at night.

Designed for E-Bikes: The Classic Otis XL is specially crafted for e-bikes, capable of withstanding the higher speeds and increased wear and tear that come with electric bike use. This tyre helps maintain stability and control, making it an ideal choice for both casual riders and daily commuters.

Proven Performance: This tyre isn’t just for show; it’s a proven performer. It's the same model used on our e-bike hire fleet, showcasing its durability and reliability in real-world conditions. Countless riders have trusted the Classic Otis XL for their daily journeys, and it continues to be a preferred choice.

Get Home On Time and In Style: With the Classic Otis XL, you're not just choosing a tyre; you're choosing peace of mind. It's designed to ensure that you get home on time, without any unexpected delays caused by tyre issues. And with its sleek design, you’ll be riding in style.

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