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CST Tyre Gravateer CMT-03 MTB Tyre

CST Tyre Gravateer CMT-03 MTB Tyre

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Introducing the Gravateer, a gravity-focused tyre that redefines downhill performance and durability. Crafted for thrill-seekers and downhill enthusiasts, the Gravateer combines cutting-edge technology and innovative design to elevate your downhill experience.

Triple Compound & Dual-Ply DH Casing: At the core of the Gravateer's excellence is its Triple Compound (SC3 - 3C compound) and Dual-Ply DH Casing technology. This combination provides unparalleled durability and performance, specifically tailored for the rigors of downhill riding.

Ramped Center Knobs for Speed: The tyre features strategically ramped center knobs. This design element is key to achieving additional speed and reducing rolling resistance, making every descent faster and more exhilarating.

Aggressive Shoulder Knobs for Cornering Grip: The pronounced and aggressive shoulder knobs are engineered for maximum grip during cornering. These extra-large side lugs ensure your bike remains stable and responsive when navigating tight turns at high speeds.

Versatile Application: Whether you're outfitting the front or rear of your bike, the Gravateer is designed to excel in both positions. Its versatility makes it a top choice for cyclists looking to optimize their downhill setup.

Enhanced Downhill Casing (DH Casing): The DH Casing reinforces the Gravateer's strength, providing the robustness needed to tackle challenging downhill terrains while ensuring the tyre's longevity.

Defender Cobweb Layer for Puncture Protection: Ride with confidence, knowing that the Defender Cobweb Layer offers additional protection against punctures. This feature is especially crucial in downhill terrain, where the risk of tyre damage is heightened.

Tubeless and Wire Bead Options: Catering to diverse preferences and requirements, the Gravateer is available in both tubeless and wire bead options. Choose the version that best suits your riding style and setup.

Ideal for downhill aficionados and extreme mountain bikers, the Gravateer is more than just a tyre – it's a testament to superior engineering and a commitment to downhill excellence. Unleash your full potential and dominate every descent with the Gravateer.

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