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MIRROR Convex Oblong

MIRROR Convex Oblong

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Elevate Your Cycling Safety with the Convex Oblong Bicycle Mirror!

Key Features:

  • Wide-View Convex Mirror: Enhance your safety on the road with this convex mirror, providing a broader field of vision, allowing you to keep an eye on your surroundings.

  • Sleek and Compact Design: This mirror complements your bike's aesthetics, offering a stylish addition to your setup without compromising functionality.

  • Adjustable and Flippable Mount: Customize your mirror's angle to suit your preferences and easily flip it to the left or right side for optimal visibility.

  • Universal Compatibility: With its versatile design, this mirror effortlessly plugs into most bike and handlebar configurations, making it a must-have for all cyclists.

  • Easy Installation: Fit it securely at the end of your handlebars with ease, ensuring it remains steady during your rides.

  • Left or Right Fitting: Adapt to your preference and choose between left or right-side mounting, providing maximum convenience and safety.

  • Fits Multiple Handlebar Sizes: Designed to accommodate handlebars ranging from 15mm to 22mm in diameter, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of bikes.

Prioritize your safety and cycling experience with the Convex Oblong Bicycle Mirror. With its stylish design and enhanced visibility, it's the perfect accessory for peace of mind during your rides. Stay aware of your surroundings and enjoy a safer, more confident journey on two wheels.

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