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Suspension Seat Post

Suspension Seat Post

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Size of Seat Poast diameter

Upgrade your cycling experience with the a Suspension Seat Post – the perfect combination of comfort and adjustability.

Key Features:

  • Optimal Size: This seat post is designed with a length of 350mm. Please ensure it fits your seat tube with a minimum insert of 100mm. Remember, it cannot be shortened, so check your seat tube depth before purchasing.

  • Durable Construction: Crafted from Forged AL6061 material, this seat post is built to last. The coil spring provides 40mm of travel for a smoother ride.

  • Anti-Sideplay Design: Thanks to the patented quadrilateral and one-piece forged stanchion, this seat post is remarkably stable, eliminating any side-to-side play and ensuring a secure and comfortable ride.

  • Adjustable Preload: Fine-tune your suspension with the adjustable preload feature. The coil spring offers just the right amount of compression and rebound damping. Customize it according to your weight, with a recommended loading capacity of 85-120kg.

  • Versatile Cradle: The cradle size measures 43x46mm, accommodating a range of saddle types. Plus, you can adjust the rise from -5° to +18° for a personalized riding experience.

Enhance your ride with the a Suspension Seat Post. Whether you're tackling rugged trails or enjoying a leisurely cruise, this seat post offers the comfort and performance you need. Get ready to experience smoother, more enjoyable cycling with this exceptional addition to your bike.

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